Wild Fire Nights

Role Cinematographer
Year 2017
Location ?

Brian Durcan Cinematographer. Produced and Directed by Emma Eliza Regan.


Galway, Ireland


Wild Fire Nights, a hard-hitting contemporary drama written and directed by Emma Eliza Regan – starring award winning actor Gerard McSorley who has worked alongside Hollywood heavyweights Neil Jordon, Ridley Scott, Jim Sheridan, Joel Schumarker and Martin Scorsese (In The Name Of The Father, Veronica Guerin). Galway born IFTA award winning actor Dara Devaney (An Klondike, Camelot), David Murray (Batman Begins, Amber, The Guarantee) and rising star James Browne (Maze, Without Name) opposite Emma Eliza Regan (Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Get Up & Go, Love Eternal.)

The film centres around Lila, a rudderless millennial, caught up in her vacuous lifestyle, until an alarming discovery forces her to face the consequences of her actions, portraying a bold and dynamic deconstruction of contemporary femininity.