Projects in pipeline

Posted by: Emer
on 27.09.2019

We have just finished producing two short films for entry into the film festival circuit  2020. Both films are written and directed by Brian Durcan himself!

Be Positive is a romantic comedy about a sad and unlucky man called Ben. From the moment he wakes up in the morning, he is treated to a serious of misfortunate events. He feels that his day is unsalvageable, until by chance he gets a message to “Be Positive”. He decides to follow this mantra and he subsequently sees the girl of his dreams. He tries to pursue her, but each time on his approach, fate has a funny way of blocking him. The “Be Positive” message runs through his head and keeps him on track, until he finally realises through a funny turn of events, what his destiny really is. 


Ms. In-Between is drunkenly staggering home alone, after another party night out. Swigging from her alchopop, her heel brakes and she falls against the railings of an eerie abandoned factory at the side of the road. 

She is shaken violently by the railings, as she slumps against them. But what caused the railings to shake? 

She looks up and down the road to see if there is anyone about.  She sees nothing but an old car hidden in the shadows. She approaches the car and the engine starts. With trepidation she glances in the window to find that there is nobody in the car. Stunned and confused she starts to make her getaway, but will she make it home….. alive?