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on 08.05.2022

“Tonight we scream for all those who can’t” Mo O Connell Director Bruise, when directing the female extras playing characters who have been affected by domestic and sexual abuse.

Bruise is an On the Western Front Studios production. Emer and Brian Durcan are the owners and Producer / cinematographer team. Mo O Connell is the director and Chris Watt  is the writer of this script. On the Western Front Studios is a Production Company based in Westport Co Mayo. Bruise was shot in Westport locations on Thursday 7th at a house in Westport, Friday 8th in Roman Island, the Quay and Saturday 9th of April in McConville Park. The crew, cast and extras were a mix of local people and people from all over Ireland. The Mayo Women’s refuge helped with stories from women who have experienced this type of situation. These stories were used to build the main characters. The Mayo Rape Crises Centre got on board with Bruise and both organizations sent women who work in these services to be extras in Bruise. Bruise is also supported by Adapt Kerry, Safe Ireland and CYPSC.

Plot: Bruise is a short film highlighting the issue of domestic abuse and sexual assault. The story is told through drama, movement and dance. With music composed especially for the film by the award winning composer Natasa Paulberg.   Heather, our lead character seems to have it all, the cute house, the good looking husband with a good job. From the outside looking in, things seem happy.  Then the cracks begin to show. After being physically and sexually assaulted by her husband, Heather runs from the house only to find herself being subjected to ridicule and sexual violence from a group of men. She gets away and meets a small girl dressed up as Grace O’Malley the Pirate Queen. The girl leads Heather into the forest where a group of women are having a candlelight vigil. They are there to support Heather, to help her find her voice. Her abuser is placed in front of her and she screams at the top of her lungs, followed by supporting screams from the women, rendering her abuser powerless. The message is spoken clearly of the support services. “We are here, we will help you, come to us and scream out your pain, you can leave this situation with our support”.

Why this project ? Brian Durcan  Cinematographer was awarded a leader grant for a new cinema camera, lenses and equipment. Emer Durcan, Producer wanted us to sink our teeth into a project that was important to the community.  It will be used as an advert for these support services. It is an important subject to bring to the front in light of the rise in domestic abuse cases following the lockdown and also sexual assault cases such as that of Aisling Murphy. We as a community are going to stand together and do something to bring this important subject into the light and change the communities mindset forevermore.